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Megatech GNBD Dhaka is a leading engineering trading company in Bangladesh.

Megatech GNBD Dhaka is an engineering and construction contractor and power equipment supplier, with a reputation for delivering high quality, technically advanced, reliable facilities and equipment on time, on budget and with a world-class safety record.Megatech's activities in this segment started with development work in the 1985 in a research and development laboratory in Bangladesh.

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As a capable local partner for undertakings different Government project works during the entire period of operation Megatech is a specialized EPC contracting company, which offers comprehensive engineering services at the fields of electric power and other engineering, including design, procurement, civil work, equipment erection, commissioning and project management, etc.

Megatech has setup a complete enterprise management system as Quality System, Environmental Management System and Occupational Safety and Health Management System. These systems run coordinately in the construction management as an integrated management service system.

With rich experiences in engineering construction management, Megatech has completed and undertaking the construction for power plants, hydrocarbon, railway track line, oil and gas field equipments supply and services including carry out the feasibility studies. Megatech owns a staff delegation with excellent character; half of them are secondary and senior technical and economic management personnel.

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